October 21, 2011

GPS Fleet Tracking- Connecting Management to the Fleet

The world of fleet management moves fast. The demand for accurate reports on fleet performance puts pressure on fleet managers to have their finger on the pulse at all times. Do you feel like you’re in touch with all the moving parts of your fleet? Do you worry you’re not doing enough to keep upper management informed of the positive work you’re doing to improve ROI?
October 21, 2011

Why Fleets Lose Money & How GPS Can Stop It

Simply put, companies want a product they buy to give them more in return than they spent upfront. This idea is known as ROI (return on investment), and it is established through increasing revenue or reducing costs. Customer ROI is our mission and the part we love most about our business. Most fleet companies don't know why fleets lose money without devices that can help stop it through GPS solutions.
December 1, 2011

Record High Holiday Gas Prices Expected As Oil Tops $100 Barrel

Drivers will probably pay record-high gas prices during the upcoming Holiday Season.
December 2, 2011

IRS Section 179: Write off 100% of Your GPS Tracking Equipment Purchase

Don't forget to take advantage of IRS Section 179 by purchasing your GPS tracking equipment before the end of the year!
December 13, 2011

Using GPS to Measure a Quality Stop

When you think of fuel costs, do you think of the price per gallon or do you think of the importance of each trip you make? Have you ever thought that your company appears to be keeping busy, but company growth is not reflecting the activity level?
January 31, 2012

Get To Know GRG Products: Geotab

Global Resource Group utilizes the Geotab product line for its GPS hardware/software solutions. Why Geotab? Enabling location, driver safety performance analysis, time and attendance, customer management, and route assistance, Global Resource Group is able to service customers who desire a bundled, all-inclusive solution at a low monthly investment by utilizing Geotab products. How reliable is Geotab? Geotab is the #1 supplier of telematics to enterprise fleets and is implemented in some of the world's largest fleets, such as UPS and Pepsi-Frito Lay.