Fleet Optimization

Optimize Your Fleet & Fuel Efficiency

Measuring the return that your vehicles provide for your business is a key component of successful fleet management. There's no better way to measure performance than choosing a partner who's an industry leader in fleet optimization. Learn how GRG helps fleets everywhere improve and optimize their operations.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

From fuel usage to fuel fill-ups, Geotab reports on all aspects of fuel to help you identify and reduce unproductive miles. With a GPS tracking system, fleet managers are able to achieve fleet fuel efficiency by better managing routes, vehicle speed, idling time, fuel cards, and vehicle maintenance.

Manage Vehicle Maintenance

Active diagnostic faults and other engine-derived information available through Geotab’s fleet management software can be used to prioritize your vehicles in need of maintenance. Quickly identify core problem areas and reduce your maintenance costs by focusing on predictive engine health.

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Run a Smarter Fleet

Prevent Vehicle Wear and Tear

While even the simplest vehicle repairs can be costly to your bottom line, they can be prevented. With Geotab’s advanced GPS and accelerometer data, you can take proactive measures to coach drivers on braking and other habits that prematurely wear your brakes and tires.

How Can Fleet Telematics Save Your Fleet Money?

Reduce Fuel Costs: Idling, Speeding, Mileage

Thousands of vehicles equipped with GRG’s technology have realized significant cost savings benefits. GRG’s Fleet Telematics Solution offers the most extensive metrics available to help you effectively reduce poor fuel consumption. Be proactive in keeping your fuel costs down by managing driver behaviors, such as excessive speeding or idling, and view this information in real-time within GRG’s web-hosted reporting environment.

Goals to Greater Telematics ROI Ebook

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Better Trip Planning with Route Optimization

Effectively dispatch drivers with GRG’s route optimization tool. You can reduce fuel consumption, mileage, CO2 emissions, and increase your firm’s operational efficiency. As a manager, you know how important it is to make accurate and fast deliveries while maintaining high customer service satisfaction levels.

Detect Engine Issues

Stop engine issues before they turn into costly repairs or vehicle down-time by managing your engine fault code information. These vehicle codes explain what the engine issue is and where to locate it, helping you save on vehicle inspection time and costs.

Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

Prioritize your vehicles for repair based on their active diagnostic faults and other in-depth engine-derived information. By focusing on predictive engine health, you will realize savings by being pro-active and working with service technicians to pinpoint the core problem areas.

Insurance Discounts

Did you know that GRG’s fleet management system can help you lower your insurance rates? Insurance premiums can increase as a result of accidents, speeding tickets, and other unexpected incidents. Start saving even more when you increase the overall safety of your drivers with GRG’s GPS fleet management solutions.

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