Field Services

Field Services Tracking Benefits:

Patient Transportation Safety

Geotab’s patented recording algorithm helps you take timely action steps in the event of an accident. Through in-depth data reporting you can immediately see what occurred within the last 30 seconds leading up to the accident. If your vehicle has been hit while parked, Geotab’s unique recording technology can help you prove no-fault to your insurance provider. The safety trending reports help you visually see all of the changes occurring within your fleet based on vehicle groups or specific drivers. The unique reporting environment accurately illustrates driving trends, helping managers develop achievable driver safety performance benchmarks.

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Track Your Fleet

What’s more amazing than watching your vehicles move on a map in real-time? The fact that you can see all of the associated trip details when you hover your mouse over the trip points – including speed levels, broken rules, and much more. Geotab’s rich breadcrumb trail tracking is a patented technology that gives you the most advanced insights into your driver’s on-road performance.

Fleet Maintenance

Geotab offers the most extensive metrics available to help you effectively reduce poor fuel consumption. Be proactive in keeping your fuel costs down by managing driver behaviors, such as excessive speeding or idling, and view this information in real-time within Geotab’s web-hosted reporting environment. Stop engine issues before they turn into costly repairs or vehicle down-time by managing your engine fault code information, helping you save on vehicle inspection time and costs.

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As a Garmin partner, Geotab has effectively transformed the GPS devices into powerful messaging and dispatching tools. You can send route information to the Garmin device which will automatically navigate drivers to the correct destination. Making it even easier to identify your drivers, you can also set driver statuses to ‘on the job’ when they arrive on site, and have the vehicle colors change on the map based on their status.

Insurance Discounts

Geotab’s fleet management system may help you lower your insurance rates. Insurance premiums can increase as a result of accidents, speeding tickets, and other unexpected incidents. Start saving even more when you increase the overall safety of your drivers with Geotab’s GPS fleet management solution.

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