A commercial grade multi-channel solution


MDR-5010 Specs

Resolution Front -HD (1280X720), Inward- VGA(640X480), 3rd Cam-VGA(640X480)
FPS MAX 15 FPS / Channel
Recording Angle Front: 130° / Inward: 150°
Data Storage SD Card, 64GB max
Data Protection SD card Locking Mechanism (H/W)
Secured File System (SW)
Data Back-up Redundant Recording to Blackbox
GPS Built-in; Google Maps Compatible
Accelerometer 3 Axis G-Sensor
Audio Recording Built-in; On/Off Selection
Parking Surveillance Max 36 Hours with Battery Protection
Software (Windows) Video Review Player, Driving Report Card
I/O Ports 2 Multi-purpose I/O Switch Ports
Infrared Light Built-in IR, 10 LEDs
Power Voltage 12V-24V

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