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Continuous + Event Triggered Solutions

Safety and Risk Management Technology

MDR50103-1024x953The MDR-5000 Series is a commercial grade dual camera system with an expandable third channel (additional cost applies). The system records all driving activity with “event” markers for identifying operator behaviors that put companies at risk such as aggressive driving (hard braking/acceleration), speeding, vehicle warnings, panic buttons, and most importantly, collisions.

06All video and data is stored to a non-volatile internal memory with other important information such as GPS location data, time, date, and speed. Using the included software, managers are easily able to review this information to aide in the development of proactive safety programs and retain crucial evidence to protect their drivers, vehicles, and company.

Compact, ruggedized, and easy to use, the MDR-5000 is the perfect solution for fleet applications from heavy duty to passenger vehicle. WideImage

Continuous Recording

MDR-5000 sd-cardIdentify risky driving habits before they become a serious problem. With continuous record, companies can monitor whether drivers are wearing seatbelts, using mobile devices, or conducting other distracted driving activities while behind the wheel. This allows for corrective action to take place prior to a high risk incident.

Event Triggered Recording

event-triggered-recordingEnsure that critical data is easy to recover and retain. Event triggered recording will automatically find, flag, and overwrite protect any aggressive driving events as well as collision data making it easy for companies to find the most important data. With integration ports, the system allows companies to choose additional ways to identify mission critical data.

Integrated GPS Data Logging

GPS-mappingMatch important GPS data to video with ease. The integrated GPS antenna helps companies put together a complete picture of recorded driving activity. This includes location, speed, direction of travel and will also automatically set the time and date. Google Maps integration makes it simple to review.

Data Review & Management Tools

Data review toolsReview data quickly and easily with included software. All information is displayed in a very simple format for user review. A driver report card option allows companies to create an at-a-glance view of their fleet vehicle’s performance to properly train their operators on risky driving behavior.

File Security

data securityProtect your data from unauthorized viewing. All data is written to a proprietary format that prevents review by unauthorized parties.  Companies can also password protect the information as an added layer of security. This deems all recorded data unusable in the case  of theft or similar situations.

Redundant Data Backup

data-management-toolsPrevent potential data loss with redundancy. Systems have the option of recording to two places at the same time (head unit and blackbox) which gives companies a backup of all recorded data. This provides additional recovery options in the case of a theft or total loss on the camera.

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