High-Performance Fleet Management Tools

Built on a foundation of Simplicity

The quality of the decisions you make is only as good as the information you receive. That's where GRG powered by Geotab fits in. Learn about GRG and Geotab’s five pillars of innovation that can help boost your fleet and driver productivity.

Easy Plug-and-Play Installation


GRG's GPS tracking devices offer true plug-and-play technology -- helping to reduce both installation time and fees. Simply plug the GPS tracking device into your vehicle's OBDII port and your installation with be complete - a process that takes about 30 seconds on average.

Mobile Device Management


Manage your drivers and vehicles even while on the go. Geotab's web-based software can be accessed through various mobile devices - Smartphones, iPads, iPhones - in addition to your PC computer. This flexible solution can be seamlessly integrated to fit your everyday management style.

Instant Notifications and Emailed Reports

Schedule your reports to be emailed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or only when needed basis within Geotab's free and easy to use GPS fleet tracking software platform. Through pro-active management solutions you can create custom rules for your drivers and be notified in a number of ways including email and driver in-vehicle alerts.

Fully Customizable Dashboard Reports

Immediately view all of your important fleet information at a glance, such as fleets deliveries per driver, average fuel spend, drivers speeding most often or late arrivals to work. There are over 30 standard reports to choose from and numerous options to create limitless custom reports by simply using Microsoft Excel.

Create & Manage Driver Rules with a Click

Discover how easy it is to create your own custom rules and events that alert you and your drivers of on-road activities. With greater communication and interaction with your drivers, you can more easily manage driving behaviors to further enhance driver safety.


90% of Drivers that believe texting while driving is dangerous


Yet over 70% admit to doing so

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