Fleet Risk & Safety

January 19, 2012

Fleet Safety Tip of the Week: January Accident Season

The month of January often sees an increase in the number of traffic accidents resulting from motorists being temporarily blinded by the sun, mainly because of the glare from highly reflective snow and ice. Due to these circumstances, keep in mind that fleet safety should always comes first.
February 2, 2012

Fleet Safety Tip of the Week: Driving in Blizzard Conditions

This week’s fleet safety tip, provided by Wyoming Rules of the Road, addresses the difficulty motorists can encounter while driving in blizzard conditions. You may want to pass this along to your drivers as a friendly reminder so as to ensure fleet safety.
February 11, 2012

Fatal Trucking Accidents Infographic

This infographic, provided by Parker McDonald Truck Accident Attorneys, illustrates the dangers that drivers can face on the roads. Most consumer goods are transported by the trucking industry at some point, putting a lot of trucks on the road. The dangers these trucks pose are enormous, with over 5,000 fatal deaths every year coming from trucking accidents, many under circumstances that puts the truck drivers at fault. Protect your drivers and others on the road from harm by monitoring their driving behavior and ensure their driver logs maintain compliance under the FMCSA with GRG's HOS/DVIR EOBR.
September 12, 2012

The Power of Custom Reporting

Since the economic downturn, a growing number of organizations have been turning to telematics for vehicle cost savings. Fleets have the ability to extract an enormous amount of valuable data from their vehicles with the use of GPS fleet management technology. Helping to turn this vehicle data into information that is both measurable and actionable, the power of custom reporting for fleet management has become increasingly evident as the quest for ROI continues.
October 15, 2012

Driver Safety Programs are only as good as the Data that Powers Them

While risk is unavoidable when you own vehicles, minimizing your exposure and protecting people and assets is critical. GRG Fleet Solutions increases the effectiveness of your fleet driver safety program from every touch point.
December 21, 2012

How to Locate Fleet Vehicles after the Apocalypse with Iridium Satellite Tracking

With all the talk about the apocalypse we thought it would be fun to think about fleet tracking after the apocalypse. If the world were to end today, would you be able to locate your vehicles and assets tomorrow? Cellular networks would likely be jammed, or completely down, making normal GPS tracking devices unable to communicate with their servers. However, you could technically still track your vehicles using Iridium Satellite communication if you have the satellite add-on installed on your vehicles.