How to Improve Fleet Safety with the Driver Feedback Loop

Improve Fleet Safety with the Driver Feedback Loop

The Two Main Elements of the Driver Feedback Loop

Drivers often do not realize that they are driving in an unsafe manner. They are just trying to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. Drivers encounter many distractions that have their minds on other things other than on the road. Improving driver feedback will dramatically impact your fleet safety long term. Understanding the key elements vital to the driver feedback loop will improve success.

The driver feedback loop can be summarized into two main elements:

  1. In-cab Audible Feedback
  2. Driver Safety Scorecards

Coaching drivers not only has a significant impact on fleet safety, it also greatly increases fuel economy. Audible feedback provides beeps that will alert the driver when they are driving unsafely. The alerts give the driver an opportunity to change their driving behavior in real-time. Scorecards provide drivers and management insights on where to focus training and easily identifies risky drivers. 

Culture & Education Are Key

For driver coaching to work, you need to explain to your drivers how GRG’s driver coaching works. Educate your drivers on the importance of driving safely. Additionally, adopt a company culture of safety. Target measurable improvements that will be measured on the weekly Driver Scorecard Report. The weekly results should be shared with all of your drivers.

Make sure your drivers understand that the driver feedback will alert them when they hit a specific speed, accelerate rapidly, break harshly or idle excessively. Over time, your drivers will automatically drive in a safe manner the moment they hear a warning beep.

Improving your driver safety will keep your drivers safe, reduce the risk of accidents, keep other drivers on the road safe and increase the life of your vehicles. You can use driver coaching to proactively change your drivers’ behavior. By keeping safety top of mind with audible driver coaching, and reinforcing it with driver scorecards, drivers build lasting safe driving habits.

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