7 Must-Know New Features in MyGeotab

7 Must-Know New Features in MyGeotab

What’s new from the February myGeotab 5.7 Update

In February, MyGeotab received an update packed with tons of new features and improvements. Some were aesthetic, and others were major usability improvements. This update brought many highly requested features so I wanted to highlight a few for you. Here are the 7 must know new features in mygeotab from the February update:

Improved Minimized Navigation Sidebar:

Sometimes you want to use as much screen space as possible when viewing vehicles on the map and other reports. myGeotab has always made it easy to minimize the sidebar menu, but once it was minimized it was not always clear how to bring it back! The new minimized sidebar sports a sharp new look that maximizes screen space and makes navigating much easier.



NEW Fill-ups Report added to Fuel Usage Report:

We’ve made it easier than ever to verify the number of fill-ups a driver made during a given period. Now, if your go device is detecting fuel level, it will automatically track fill ups and add them to the fuel usage report. This new tool is perfect for monitoring and comparing fuel card usage.




Totally Revamped Engine Data Reports Part I: Engine Faults

Your go device is capable of collected all sorts of engine data and detecting engine faults. However, using that data has not always been the easiest. The engine fault report has been completely rebuilt to make identifying and acting on engine faults quick, easy, and  straightforward. The report will show you all engine faults that occurred in a vehicle and the number of times the fault was detected during the time period. Quickly review and dismiss faults with ease all from within your browser.



Totally Revamped Engine Data Reports Part 2: Engine Measurements

Formally known as the “Engine Status Report”, the engine measurements report will give you the actual feed of engine data the device is receiving from the vehicle. This report is great for identify what data is available for a vehicle, as well as tracking certain measurements like coolant temperature over time. Now you can run the report for specific measurements and even graph them.



More Actionable Exceptions Report:

One of the most requested improvements for mygeotab was the ability to view an exception violation on the map by simply clicking on the violation in the exceptions report. I am happy to you can now do this! Run the report in the browser, investigate the trip history of the vehicle that violated the rule simply by clicking on the violation. Its simple, awesome, and brings a whole new level of usefulness to the exceptions report.



Manage Maintenance Reminders From Within the Browser:

Custom Reports Now Managed In the Browser! 

No more click once to manage custom reports. Add, edit, and update dashboard reports faster and easier all from within the browser. Edit scheduled email report options with only a few clicks.

These are only a few of the improvements from the February update. We encourage you to login and check them out! Over the next few weeks, I will be diving into all of these changes in detail to make sure you know what they are and how to take advantage of them. Have a new feature you want to know more about? Send us an email at
[email protected].