5 Ways Companies Use Fleet Telematics to Increase ROI

5 Ways Companies Use Fleet Telematics to Increase ROI

Companies Use Fleet Telematics to Increase ROI

The concept of using a Fleet Telematics system is simple: It provides a means of measuring your fleet’s usage to increase ROI, and; therefore enables your business to manage inefficiencies including:
  1. Unnecessary fuel consumption (aggressive starts, idle time, and speeding)
  2. Risky Driving Behavior (Speeding, following too close, distracted driving)
  3. Wear and tear (excessive braking, multiple trips to nearby destinations)
  4. Overdue maintenance
  5. Inefficient Driving

Managing these inefficiencies will instead provide:

  1. Labor savings – vehicle location enables the closest fleet vehicles to make stops en route before returning to dispatch instead of returning to dispatch for further direction
  2. Reduction in Accidents: businesses can enforce their safety policies and maintain a safer fleet.
  3. Fuel savings – better driving habits and combining service calls mean big savings at the pump!
  4. Accurate billing – businesses know exactly when technicians arrive and depart from their service calls, providing valuable reports to handle billing complaints
  5. Rout Optimization – optimizing routs enables fleets to reduce their miles driven, improve delivery times, and have a tremendous effect on customer satisfaction.

There are endless way to increase the ROI from Fleet Telematics systems. But without setting the right goals and developing a strategy, little ROI will ever be seen. Once you know why you need a Fleet Telematics Solutions, its time to develop a strategy to achieve the ROI you desire.

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