Fleet Management Solutions: Bigger Data, Better!

In the world of fleet management solutions, the abundance of data is something to be thankful for.

A good example is a fleet management company that has data covering millions of fuel transactions and digital vapor trail for millions of miles traveled. They have access to this data through electronic payment records, chip-enabled cards, mobile telematics data, satellite navigational system and smartphones, which means they have all the corners of their company covered.

Looking at a million data in a month is something that a lot of fleet managers take for granted. Many of them are still not making the most of the data at hand, which could help improve efficiency and in the end save money. Most fleet managers just look at the data and see what happened on a specific trip but never looked into it as an opportunity to predict what is going to happen.

Data analysis can predict when a driver will next fill up his tank and send a timely message letting the driver know the location of where the nearest and cheapest fuel is. Through satellite navigational system, fleet managers can save money by providing the driver accurate distance of where the nearest gasoline station is.

Big data can help fleet managers detect driving behaviors and let employees know how they can change their ways through additional skills training tailored to each driver needs. Whether it is speeding or harsh acceleration to unauthorized stops, the data derived from your telematics system can spot and stop it. In turn, this saves money and potentially save lives.

For vehicle maintenance, data can be used to predict and detect problems before it happens or even prevent it from blowing it out of proportions. Connecting your drivers to the best offers for maintenance services is also possible through the whole telematics system. This enables fleet managers to save money on parts purchases needed for maintenance.

If you are familiar with the retail industry, vast amounts of data are mined in order to determine the right market, the correct figures for supply and demand, and get relevant communications from and to customers. By contrast, fleet management industry can also make use of the big data reserves that could yield improved efficiency and cost reductions.

Typically, most businesses use only 10 to 15% of the data they hold. This means that fleet managers need to work more closely with service providers to access precious insights through data, which can be a transformative agent for change.

In Global Resource Group, Inc., we make sure that all the data you needed are properly stored and readily available when needed. With our dedicated servers, the safe-keeping of your data is one of our utmost priorities. When systems are down, we have a backup system that enables data recording even without coverage through Iridium Satellite. For more information on how you can augment your savings through our myGeotab Telematics System, visit us at https://www.grggps.com.