Geotab Offerings Now Compatible With ZoomSafer Mobile Phone Safety Software

ZoomSafer, the leading provider of policy management software to prevent distracted driving, and Geotab announced today that ZoomSafer’s FleetSafer Mobile software is now compatible with Geotab’s GO4 and GO5 GPS vehicle tracking solutions.

Geotab is a leading provider of technology and software to increase fleet productivity, cost effectiveness and safety. Geotab’s GO devices provide powerful vehicle monitoring tools which offer fleet managers state-of-the-art GPS tracking, g-force monitoring, and maintenance assessments. As a result of the integration with FleetSafer Mobile, Geotab devices now also enable fleet managers to actively ensure safe and legal use of cell phones and tablet computers while employees are driving company vehicles on-the-job.

From now on, when an employee drives a vehicle equipped with a Geotab GO device, fleet managers can ensure the driver’s smartphone or tablet computer will automatically enter into ‘safe mode.’ Safe mode eliminates the dangerous temptation to text, email or browse while driving. The automatic activation protects the employer from crashes, risk and fines associated with federal regulations and state laws.

“Today’s businesses are aware of the swiftly increasing risks associated with distracted driving, and many are enacting employee policies to define acceptable use of mobile devices while driving,” said Matt Howard, CEO of ZoomSafer. “The combination of FleetSafer Mobile and Geotab gives corporations a simple and reliable way to ensure safe and legal use of mobile devices while employees are driving.”

“Prominent insurers are already offering premium discounts to their commercial customers for use of Geotab products,” said Frank Pellitta, a Geotab value-added reseller. “With Geotab and FleetSafer now integrated, insurers and fleet operators can further reduce crashes and claims stemming from employee use of cell phones while driving on the job.”

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