7 Quick Fuel Saving Tips

As Fuel Goes Up – Keep Your Costs Down – with 7 quick Fuel Saving tips

Over the past several weeks, the steady climb of fuel prices has the transportation and consumer industries abuzz with rumors of prices hitting as high as $5 per gallon at the pump in 2012.

Article after article is citing the rising cost of fuel – various factors have been explored – from the potential conflict in Iran, to the increasing demand for fuel, to more expensive seasonal formulations of gasoline and diesel.  What fleet owners can’t ignore is that the price of fuel has historically increased, year over year – with significant spikes along the way, making for a bumpy ride. You can view the increasing fuel price trends here.

So, what can you do in the face of fuel increases and constant volatility? Many companies are turning to GPS Fleet Management Systems (AKA VehicleTelematics) to help decrease their mileage, optimize their productivity, and reduce overall fuel consumption. Vehicle telematics solutions can help to identify idling problems, assist with fuel-saving driving behaviors, and preventative maintenance issues, saving time and money.

In addition to investing in fleet and fuel optimization systems, try some of the following fuel-saving tips:

  • Plan and optimize your route, then compare the plan with the actual data to make sure the plan is being followed
  • Reduce idling – train your drivers to turn the vehicle off at each stop. Telematics devices can help track vehicle idling
  • Avoid speeding– every 5 mph over 60 mph results in a 5% loss in fuel economy
  • Investigate alternative fuel options or hybrid vehicle replacements
  • Manage driving behavior – try to have your drivers avoid a lot of stop and start movement and heavy acceleration and harsh-breaking events
  • Adhere to a regular vehicle maintenance schedule to make sure you are getting the most out of your vehicles (i.e. tires are at the proper inflation levels, etc)
  • Remove anything from the truck that is not necessary, to help reduce the weight

And remember, GRG Fleet Solutions’ experienced fleet management team is available to help you by conducting an operational analysis of your fleet and driver habits and scheduling practices. Contact us to learn how you can save today.