The World's Most Advanced Fleet Tracking Device

Next-Gen GPS Fleet Tracking

The GRG's GPS Fleet Tracking Device is a small yet extremely powerful telematics measurement tool.

Built with state of the art GPS technology, gforce monitoring, IOX expandability, and engine and battery health assessments. GRG's GO device is truly a plug and play technology – it requires no dash mounted antennas and no splicing of wires.

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New Features:

Major enhancements include:
  • Enhanced auto-protocol detect and select
  • Programmable or soft pins - allows firmware to change pin utilization based on protocol and vehicle type
  • Secondary protocol support for Ford, GM, Chrysler, Volvo, Mazda and more
  • Four CAN BUS interfaces enabling more options for engine protocol support and device expandability
  • Higher sensitivity accelerometer

Top Features

  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • External device expandability via IOX™ Technology
  • Intelligent in-vehicle driver coaching
  • Small form factor device
  • Breakthrough accident detection & notification
  • Accurate engine diagnostics, DTC, and proprietary engine data
  • Real-time vehicle data
  • Fast GPS acquisition time using Almanac OTA support
  • Built-in auto-calibrating accelerometer

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