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Why GRG?

Why should your company partner with GRG Fleet Solutions?

1. We Know GPS Fleet Management & Telematics

GRG GPS Fleet Solutions was founded in 2001 and GPS tracking, risk management, and driver safety is what we have specialized in since. We have worked with thousands of companies across the Intercontinental United States, and Canada  to help them control fleet expenses and improve profitability through productivity and risk mitigation. We have experience with fleets of one vehicle, to fleets with over eight thousand vehicles at Rollins-Orkin Pest Control.

We determine enterprise customers needs through an extensive and defined discovery process that looks at all aspects of a business from fleet operations, to risk management, to dispatching, to administration. GRG’s extensive experience in the telematics industry enables us to develop unique growth and ROI plans for success. 

2. We have the expert resources you need to get the most out of your system

Your two most expensive resources are unsupervised 95% of the day; they are your drivers and your fleet. Our business analyst helps you understand the true cost of fleet operations and how to drive down associated expenses while improving revenue.

Knowing where to invest your money is important. We have seen many times where a company speaks to 3-10 GPS vendors, combines all the features and functions into a massive document and then spends 3 years searching for one system that does it all. During the 3 years spent looking for the system that does not exist, they missed their ROI ten times over. Our PEP process is founded on a proven approach to discovering customer needs and uncovering needs not even realized. GRG Clarifies the capabilities of the technology and implement a test group, called a product evaluation project. Over the next 2-4 weeks we collect data to confirm fleet operations. GRG Fleet Solutions then make recommendations to modify driver behavior and measure the results. The change in behavior represents the initial potential ROI. The final stage of the PEP is to conduct a formal project review of the data and begin discussion on the deployment phase of the project. The investment in the technology and our partnership is never a question since the PEP process leaves no question about the value of either.

GRG Fleet Solutions offers a wide variety of training opportunities ranging from videos online to custom one-on-one training programs at the customer’s location. GRG provides overview training to all our customers 1-2 times a week for new customer, new employees and simple refreshers. This level of availability keeps people proficient with the technology and opens the eyes of new employees as to what data is available as it relates to their functional areas. Our online training includes: Screencasts, full length videos on things such as installation, Tech Tips, manuals, diagrams, podcasts and more. Our training program is a living, growing part of our service and one we are very proud of.

GRG Fleet Solutions have salaried employees who do nothing but care for the needs of our customers equipment. They are experts with installation and service work and have experience on a wide variety of vehicles. The key point is that they are not paid commission on a per unit basis so they are eager to get the work done correctly the first time. Contract installers tend to rush the work in an effort to maximize the installs and revenue per hour.

Project management sounds easy but until you have to coordinate who, what, where and how of a major national installation project you don’t realize the time and expertise required for such an undertaking. The slower the deployment the longer the ROI. GRG Fleet Solutions’ experts can get your company installed and trained as quickly as your company can move. Time is money.

Our installers use technology to improve customer satisfaction and information accuracy. Installers capture installation information such as VIN, mileage, serial numbers, etc through handheld units that upload to a web interface that customers can access. This provides near real-time visibility on the installation project. We can also track invoices pending, paid and other administrative information important to enterprise fleet operators.

Our partners represent a similar long history which expands our ability to serve a wider variety of customers, in various industries, with a greater degree of expertise. Our partners consult with us, and in special cases, directly with end users to develop new products or services to meet market demands. Because GRG Fleet Solutions is partnered with multiple industry leaders we are able to consult with fleet operators to match the right system to meet our customer’s needs, not our sales goal. GPS companies that sell one solution have to find a way to make the one solution fit your needs. This seldom works and tends to waste a lot of time and adds confusion to the decision making process.

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